Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I am a few days late in ringing in the new year blogwise. I kept writing and deleting and writing and deleting a post on my New Years Resolutions. The "Big Resolutions" are all sealed up and will not be opened until next New Years Eve. But there is kind of one theme or more like a motto that I have adopted for this year, "No Excuses"

I am the truly a queen of making excuses. I will grab my gym bag in the morning and will have come up with six reasons why I can't go that night by the time I make it work. I do it with lots of things not just the gym and that is the habit I need to break. I have art that needs frames, a table to be refinished, rooms to be painted and the list goes on.

So 2009 is the year of "No Excuses". I have been to the gym twice in the new year and it's only the 5th! That's huge! But then again so is my ass....

So you will be seeing some long languishing home decorating projects here on the blog. And of course more knitting! It felt like I knit a whole lot more than the following mosaic shows I am pretty proud of myself for trying some new things: lace, stranded work with some silly projects thrown in for fun. Oh, and my niece loved the knit food I gave her. Did you know fairies really like strawberries? And I have one more 2008 project to post but I haven't sent them off to Meg yet I had to wait for her to return from visiting the penguins in Antarctica! But if you peek you may see it below!

FO's 2008


Nell said...

No Excuses! I love it. I might have to get more into that too.

Ariel said...

Happy happy new year! I love the "No excuses" theme. I'm pondering joining your gym. Maybe we can motivate each other??

Jenny said...

No excuses indeed. :) Happy New Year! I love this mosaic collage thing.