Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fleece on Earth, Goodwill Toward All

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday. I spent a few days at the house in the woods up in Maine. I did a little outlet shopping, took some naps, drank cocoa, played with my niece and in general recharged my batteries which were dangerously low.

Clearly my family picked up on my growing knitting obsession this year as it seemed as if sheepy gifts were all the rage. I did tell them earlier that I was not going to be one of those "sheep people" who fills their home with all manner of sheepy decorations. But apparently they couldn't help themselves!

There was a metal wall sculpture and a little wickery sheep from my mom.

DSCN1352 DSCN1358

From my sister I got this awesome print from RainyPrints and.....

Sheep Print

this beautiful spindle from Butterfly Girl Designs. I love it and started spinning with it right away. I definitely have switched to being a top whorl kinda girl.



Sara Kirby said...

pretty, pretty presents!

Lisa B. said...

What a pretty spindle! Love your sheepies, too. I didn't think I'd be a sheep-stuff collector either, but just happens. :}