Friday, January 18, 2008

A Modern Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a young princess who awoke,after hitting snooze several times, to find herself late for the gala ball. (Yeah right, she was late for work. Again.) Remembering that the fortune tellers, ahem, meteorologists predicted a "winter mix", she grabbed her umbrella and affixed her YakTrax over her shoes. Her YakTrax, a gift from her fairy brother-in-law, kept the fair maiden steady on her feet and prevented her from wiping out on neighborhood sidewalks.

As luck would have it her green steed was waiting for her and she began her journey. She traveled long and far to reach her home away from home.....Dunkin Donuts. The troll behind the counter tried to trick her but she was prepared with the magic words: "No Cup!" and she emerged victorious with her iced coffee.

The kind Silver Line carriage driver stopped to take the princess on the final leg of her journey and with all her good fortune the princess was not going to be as late as she thought.

As she crossed the parking lot to enter the ball she sighed "Oh, crap!" in that dainty way that princesses do. She had lost one of her Trax! Alas what would the princess do? She did what any modern princess would do. She went to find her own damn shoe. She snuck out of the ball and scoured the land where the carriage had dropped her off. She ventured into the dark labyrinth of MBTA lost and found. "Call this number", "...your call is important to us", "try this number". But all to no avail. The trax was gone.

Maybe the shoe will magically be on the carriage she takes home.

Maybe a fair prince will appear with Trax perched on a purple satin pillow edged with gold brocade.

Probably the princess will just make a stop at Eastern Mountain Sports and buy a new pair.

But even with one shoe and no prince she will live happily ever after......

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2008!

I am going to begin 2008 by posting the last few projects from 2007.

Here is the matching hat and mittens I made for charity and haven't actually sent yet. Whoops! Okay - 2008 battle procrastination. And I know you all wish you had a mannequin head of your very own.

Mittens Seaman's Cap Side View

Mini Sweater Ornament
Mini Sweater2

The Kitschy Christmas Tree I made for Meg because everyone should have a tree at Christmas. Decorated with a pretty garland of silver beads.

Kitschy Tree