Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Look at My Foot!

So my stashbusting continues! My mom bought me a whole lotta skeins of Lion Boucle when I first started knitting. Why? It was really "reasonable" - translation: super cheap. She was being so supportive that there was no way for me to refuse, hence more boucle than I really could ever need. I made a few scarves but unless I wanted to make many, many more I had to find some other way to use more of it at time.

Luckily Lion must have added new patterns to their site or I just had totally missed this one for Slipper socks. Sure, what else do I want to knit in July but warm, furry socks?

So these are my first socks I've ever knit and while boucle hides my mistakes it also was a pain in the butt to knit with DPNs. Don't think I caught the sock-knitting bug that many others have but maybe I'll bust out another pair of these since they were a quick knit and I have several more skeins to go.

And since no one ever wants to look at my foot, I used one of my favorite models, Bo the stuffed moose, to show them off.

Boucle Slipper Socks

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stashbusting Snake

Snake in the Jungle

I am not allowing myself to buy any new yarn until I do something with all the random bits of yarn that I seem to have accumulated. Since I don't have enough of any one yarn to make anything big and I have a short attention-span in the summer for knitting I figured a toy would be good. This is the very simple snake from Jess Hutchinson's Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy booklet.

So this snake with the sweet face needs a home. I really don't need any more stuffies at the moment and my niece is normally the recipient of my knitted toys. But I think her mommy would bop me on the head if I gave them one more thing that would require packing in the next few months. So he's up for adoption. Leave me a note or shoot me an email (my address is in my profile - I believe) and he's yours.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lists and Books - My Dorky Heaven

So here's the thing, I love lists - always have. Shopping lists, to-do lists, movies-to-see lists...As a young girl, I was slightly obsessed with checkboxes and my family has been known to mock me about them to this day. So fine, I included things like "Wake up" "brush teeth" but that was only on important days like the first day of school or camp, etc...

But my favorite list of all and the only permanent, long-standing list is my Book List. I don't remember how the Book List started but it was some point after college I started keeping a list of the books I had read. Initially I just wrote down the title but starting in January 1998 I included the date I completed the book. So I'm going along keeping my list and then a few years back over a dinner the topic comes up and my sister goes, "I keep a list too" and then my mom says "Me too!". Clearly there is something on the XX chromosome in our family that triggers this sort of thing. We were all doing the same things unbeknown st to each other for years. Eerie....

My mother and I have proceeded to debate our lists. Not the content mind you but the actual list format themselves. Mom keeps a file on the computer with author, title, main character names and a synopsis. She can not understand how I can just have the title, it drives her nuts. - an added plus for me.

So last night, I am at book club and found out about this site Good Reads. It's a site to list your books and see what your friends are reading. I have only just started entering books but I can this will give me much list-fetish joy to come.

Check out the Good Reads button to the right and it will connect you to what I'm reading.

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Mother's Daughter

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So I went to Haymarket Friday after work to see if I could find some inspiration for a dish to bring to the cooking club I was invited to. More on that a bit later...but something rang in my head as I walked around. It was my mother's voice saying "did you buy a melon?" Leaving Haymarket without a melon is a cardinal sin in my mom's book and since the cantaloupes we looking good a cantaloupe joined me for my T trip home.

But being myself instead of my mom I had to put my own spin on it.

Hence, Melon with Googly Eyes.