Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Look at My Foot!

So my stashbusting continues! My mom bought me a whole lotta skeins of Lion Boucle when I first started knitting. Why? It was really "reasonable" - translation: super cheap. She was being so supportive that there was no way for me to refuse, hence more boucle than I really could ever need. I made a few scarves but unless I wanted to make many, many more I had to find some other way to use more of it at time.

Luckily Lion must have added new patterns to their site or I just had totally missed this one for Slipper socks. Sure, what else do I want to knit in July but warm, furry socks?

So these are my first socks I've ever knit and while boucle hides my mistakes it also was a pain in the butt to knit with DPNs. Don't think I caught the sock-knitting bug that many others have but maybe I'll bust out another pair of these since they were a quick knit and I have several more skeins to go.

And since no one ever wants to look at my foot, I used one of my favorite models, Bo the stuffed moose, to show them off.

Boucle Slipper Socks


Faerynuff said...

They look really snuggly!

Great socks x

Shauna said...

Those look so soft and comfy, great work!! :-)

Batty said...

Those look comfy and cuddly!