Monday, May 26, 2008

MA Sheep & Wool or Bahhhh Part 2

I spent a wonderful Saturday at the Mass Sheep and Woolcraft Festival with some great company. On the way we stopped at Webs (my first time there) where I got lost in the back warehouse for a while. Whoops! And I also enjoyed another first, Taco in a Bag! How have I lived without this culinary masterpiece?

Of course I had to seek out some wonderful angora bunnies to hold. This little fella had just been adopted by a nice lady who was taking him home.

And this adorable poof of a thing I got to hold for a bit.

Here is the fabulous daft crafter, modeling this year's fashion of soft, luxurious roving in a gorgeous colorway.
More colorful roving.
Lovely Llama

I'll have to keep you waiting with baited breath for the photos of my purchases.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stamp and Deliver

So I've got some more projects from Craft Camp to show off. I took Mucho Gusto Grande taught by Traci Bunkers. For you fiber people out there besides just making cool journals, books, rubberstamps and etc she also spins and dyes yarn. It's sure is pur-ty. Anyway, back to class. This was the only class I ever took with my sister and we had a good time. We weren't too obnoxious and giggly even though my sister was a bit tipsy after the Manager's Reception a.k.a. Happy Hour. Here's a do not try this at home message for you kiddies out there --rum and linoleum cutters are not a wise move. No siblings were injured during the course of class but since both of us are extremenly squeemish at the sight of blood, we got lucky. So here are the stamps I made and the last one is the one I made for my mom for mother's day. Yes, it's Sisyphus pushing a boulder up the hill. She's always wanted a stamp with him on it and even though I find it depressing who am I to deny her? The stamps are a little rough around the edges, literally, but it's a fun quick project that I don't suck at.

Robot Stamp 'S' stamp

Sisyphus Flower Stamp

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Butterfly Wings and Angels, NOT

I am back from Art & Soul a.k.a. Craft Camp and I have my first project to share. My first class was Beeswax ATC taught by Barbara McGuire. Essentially it was creating Artist Trading cards and then covering them with wax. For those who don't know what an ATC is, an atc is a small work of art most often paper but sometimes fabric or another medium. The rules of ATCs are this, they must be 2 1/2" by 3 1/2 inches and you can't sell them only exchanged. For more info on what an ATC is check out the FAQ on the ATC board on craftster.

Anyway I have never made any ATC's before and to be honest I never really thought they were my thing. But being the smartass that I am I took the some of the often used elements of ATCs and put my own spin on it.

Smartass ATC2 Smartass ATC