Monday, May 26, 2008

MA Sheep & Wool or Bahhhh Part 2

I spent a wonderful Saturday at the Mass Sheep and Woolcraft Festival with some great company. On the way we stopped at Webs (my first time there) where I got lost in the back warehouse for a while. Whoops! And I also enjoyed another first, Taco in a Bag! How have I lived without this culinary masterpiece?

Of course I had to seek out some wonderful angora bunnies to hold. This little fella had just been adopted by a nice lady who was taking him home.

And this adorable poof of a thing I got to hold for a bit.

Here is the fabulous daft crafter, modeling this year's fashion of soft, luxurious roving in a gorgeous colorway.
More colorful roving.
Lovely Llama

I'll have to keep you waiting with baited breath for the photos of my purchases.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Saw your pics of the sheep and wool on flickr. I forgot my camera so I was seeing what shots everyone else got. You took some really great pictures and I wanted to tell you that my youngest made your taco in a bag (with my help).....hope you liked it. I didn't get to see to much of the show because I was locked away in the food booth but it looks like everyone had fun from all of the pictures I've seen.

Jenny said...

Excellent photos, just one question. Exactly which end of the white poofy bunny is that? 'Cause I could see the answer going either way, to be honest. Them're some fuzzy damn bunnies!

Anna said...

Hi Sarah! Glad you made it to MA sheep and wool. I forgot to tell you that I would be out of town. Sorry! Looks like there were some very cute animals and of course the yarn... oh I'm so sad to have missed it all!

See you next week.

Ariel said...

If you took the extra poofy bunny home, you could discover which end is which at your leisure.

Ew. What I meant was you totally should have bought that bunny! But the comment came out much dirtier-sounding than I had planned. Story of my life.

Rachael Rabbit said...

My that bunny is simply adorable!!!