Friday, December 29, 2006

Happiness is.....2,000 Googly Eyes!

Googly Eyes
Originally uploaded by Sarahland.
One of my favorite Hannukah presents this year has to be the set of 2,000 googly eyes given to me by my sister. Aren't they fun!

I have always loved googly eyes, always will. And what is funny is that she had already ordered these for me way before I reached my present shopping crisis where I exclaimed that people were going to be receiving rocks with googly eyes glued to them.

I think I may just carry some with me at all times just in case something needs to be "eyed".

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcome to Sarahland!

To blog or not to blog that is the question.

I have been reluctant to create a blog because I didn't know if anyone would ever read it and I wasn't sure what exactly I would write about.

As for the no one reading it thing I was nagged by the whole "tree falling in the woods..." quandary. But then I realized it might keep me busy as I am bored out of my skull at work. And there have to be lots of blogs at least as boring and inane as mine out there.

Now what to write about....I didn't want to do a crafts only blog since I would constantly feel inadequate about my handiwork compared to people out there making truly amazing and original things. And I have all of these totally random thoughts and rants and workplace stories I figured I'd better let them all out before they drove me 'round the bend.

So I officially welcome you to Sarahland. It's a bit offbeat, a bit neurotic but most importantly there is no public spitting.