Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Felt Beads

I was a bit stressed last night over really silly stuff so I figured a good way to chill myself out would be to do something crafty. I haven't done anything since my craft stuff is all in piles in my entryway since I emptied the office to paint it which I so have not done. Idiot!

Anyway I needed a quick project that I would not linger in my "Works in Progress" heap. I realized I had a few felt beads I had already made and never strung and I also made some new ones. By the end of watching Veronica Mars I was awful pruney but I had a finished project. The purple ones are coming out a bit grape-y in this picture but you get the jist.

So I made this bracelet with some glass beads I had hanging around.

Pink and purple....hmmm...I wonder who those are for?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Faster than a speeding paper tray....

It must be because of watching 'Heroes' or maybe just 'cause I am mind-numbingly bored at work but I started thinking about what my superpower would be if I had one. Clearly it would be nothing cool like flying or being invisibile. I'm pretty sure it would be something like being able to clear paper jams out of the copier with my mind. Useful, it's true and yet completely lame. Where is Gleek when I need him?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Slushy Valentines!

So I went to an author reading by Christopher Moore last night and I have to say he is hysterical. Another author who doesn't actually read at his readings which I am finding are usually a bit more entertaining. I've read several of his books Lamb, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove and my favorite holiday book ever The Stupidest Angel. And he has a great website where he recommends other fun books to read while you are waiting for one of his to come out.

While he touched on many topics what I came away with most is a new phrase to add to my lexicon. He was telling us about pitching ideas to tv execs who wanted to make his books into shows when he suddenly has an FI moment. FI moment? When you suddenly realize you are talking to a fucking idiot. Like people being dumber than bags of hammers I know that I will start muttering under my breath "It's okay you're just having an FI moment - it'll pass." Not very PC or genteel but this is from a man whose new book is called You Suck.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Random thoughts

Apparently there is going to be a storm on Wednesday, Valentines Day. That made me think that Mother Nature is clearly single. Then I thought, wait, that makes her a single mom, since you've never heard of a Father Nature. No wonder she hates Valentines Day! Some guy knocked her up with hurricanes and tornadoes and then took off, probably leaving her for some young chippie without monsoon issues.

Unless maybe she just didn't take his name and kept her maiden name. I mean what if she was married to Father Time? Then she'd be Mother Nature-Time and that sounds way too much like some cheesy kids show segment.

I don't know...these are just the things that pop into my head sometimes....All I know is I better wear boots on Wednesday.....

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Yummy weekend!

So this weekend packed full of some new culinary delights. Friday night I tried out UBurger in Kenmore Square, I'm not sure it lived up to the hype since I had seen glowing blurbs on it in the Globe Magazine and Phantom Gourmet. But it was a good, cheap burger and the french fries and onion rings were really good. All in a all a good spot when I am craving the red meat.

Then Saturday after seeing the Fashion Show exhibit at the MFA we all headed over the Squealing Pig (I love the name it's so very Deliverance). Oh, I should mention the museum trip, a small exhibit with gorgeous dresses, the John Galliano for Chanel were wonderful - how can you not love dresses with sequined skulls along the bottom? But I am not sure if it was worth the hefty ticket price so if you can get in free go - if not get a copy of W.

Back to the vittles....I had the yummiest sandwich at the Squealing Pig, roast chicken and onion with smoked gouda in a pressed panini-type sandwich. Pretty much it could have been blah, blah, blah....smoked gouda. I am my mother's daughter. There's a note on the menu that the bread for the restaurant is made at Clear Flour Bread. So Meg asks me if I go there and of course I am clueless. Turns out its right on the Brookline/Allston/Brighton edge. So instead of heading home Meg and I decide to find the bakery. She's been there before and always gets lost and this time was no different, we find ourselved wandering around the back roads of Brookline searching for bread.

Finally, we make it there and our quest was totally worth it. It's a teeny, tiny bakery that can maybe fit 6 customers. We waited outside until we could fit and were rewarded with the most amazing smells and sights. Focaccias, baguettes, brioches.....including heart-shaped baguettes for Valentines Day. I treated myself to these great poppy bread sticks made with garlic butter and a single chocolate-chip cookie. And the best news of all is that they're open 'til 8pm during the week and are right on my way home!