Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Felt Beads

I was a bit stressed last night over really silly stuff so I figured a good way to chill myself out would be to do something crafty. I haven't done anything since my craft stuff is all in piles in my entryway since I emptied the office to paint it which I so have not done. Idiot!

Anyway I needed a quick project that I would not linger in my "Works in Progress" heap. I realized I had a few felt beads I had already made and never strung and I also made some new ones. By the end of watching Veronica Mars I was awful pruney but I had a finished project. The purple ones are coming out a bit grape-y in this picture but you get the jist.

So I made this bracelet with some glass beads I had hanging around.

Pink and purple....hmmm...I wonder who those are for?

1 comment:

lemonade sandwich said...

"Pink is my favorite color" "and purple" "But I really really like princesses."