Thursday, August 9, 2007

How Nautie of Me!

My crazed stash-busting continues....this time with Knitty's Nautie. Because what grown woman doesn't need a knit nautiloid? He's a bit smaller because the pattern called for US 4's and I don't have those in DPN so I did it in 3's. I figure it is against the whole "no shopping until stash is worked down a bit" if I go out and buy needles.

What I have noticed is that all these random projects are done on DPN's and my knitting this way has improved quite a bit. Much less of the dreaded ladder that plagued my earlier DPN projects. I was looking at yet another knit toy that was knit on straight needs and was like "yuck- all that seaming!"

Even though I keep whipping out these small projects the random yarn stash still does not seem to be getting any less. Maybe acrylic blends breed when no one is looking. It could happen!


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