Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Not Easy Going Green

I'm taking a little liberty with the words of the wise sage, Kermit the Frog. I've been taking small steps over the past few months to lessen my carbon footprint, as they say. As my light bulbs burn out, I've replaced them with CFL's, I bought a single-serving set of silverware and mug for work to use instead of paper cups and plastic spoons.

And when I get my iced coffee every morning I do not ask for a "hot cup". A what? For those of you who are not Dunkin' Donuts regulars I will explain this new and stupid trend. There are those out there who ask for a styrofoam cup for hot coffee to place their plastic iced-coffee cup into. Apparently actually touching a cold, damp cup is too much for some people to bear. Some DD's charge extra for the cup but it really is a rarity. And at one of the Dunks I frequent they automatically put your iced coffee in one. Besides being bad for the environment, they waste money for the business which in turn will be made up by me when they raise their prices(again!) So I make a concerted effort not to get these cups.

In Sarahland, if touching the iced coffee cup is too much for you then clearly you don't deserve the iced coffee. And if you do ask for a "hot cup" there will be appropriate Sarahland punishment, such as having to drink luke-warm Sanka with french vanilla non-dairy creamer. Yuk!

Whew! I'm stepping off my soapbox now and leaving my ranting for another day.

What all of this was leading up to was my lastest finished project the
Everlasting Bagstopper.

Everlasting Bagstopper 2

I have a gazillion (I'm in accounting that's a real number) plastic bags in my apartment. So many at one point that the door to the closet they are kept in wouldn't close right. Another item I think breeds when no one is looking. I thought this would be a great project to use up some of the Lion Cotton in my stash and try to lessen my plastic bag intake.

The pattern is from the most recent Knitty. There are a whole bunch of string bags patterns out there but I liked this one since it has a solid bottom and is knit in the round. It was a very easy knit and I brought it along as I started going to my local Stitch n Bitch over the past 2 weeks. I will talk in more detail about that in another post but I feel bad talking about these great people for the first time in a post with one of my crazy-ass rants. Knowing will turn out that they are all "hot cup"-getters and I'll be banned from all future meetings.

I did finish it up at SnB after getting help with grafting from the
Daft Crafter. I even got to test it out that night since I walked part-way home with Craft Pirate and stopped a Whole Foods for an inaugural use. It worked well, stretches a lot and my cookies and cheese made it home safely. And at Whole Foods you get 5 cents off for bringing your own bag. Whoo-eee! At this rate I will save up enough after one year for an iced coffee - no hot cup.

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Macoco said...

We're all hot cup users you are banned from future get togethers! It never occurred to me to ask for a hot cup. I just use a napkin to protect my hand from the cup. :P