Monday, September 10, 2007

Playing Giant

This is a quick and silly post but this project makes me smile and since I have had a crap-tastic day so far anything anything that makes me smile is a good thing.

Saturday was freakishly hot here. What's it doing being mid-90s in September when earlier in the week it was like 60? It was clearly too hot to work on a wool scarf which is my current project while watching a Netflix movie.

So last week, I came across a too cute pattern and I remembered I had a really small ball of Koigu as a remainder from a project 2 years ago. Not enough to do anything real with but just enough to do this. Yes, it's technically a Christmas ornament but it was also just too cute! I just had to make a teeny hanger too!

Miniature Sweater 2

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Macoco said...

Dang that's cute! I never know what to do with the leftover yarn. I'll admit it - I'm always tempted to throw it away. I know, very bad.