Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crazed Knitting Girl

Crazy Knitting Girl

So my folks picked up this poster for a french yarn company at a recent auction. And instantly I had an connection with her. She has brown frizzy hair, chubby cheeks, speaks french, is knitting and is just a wee bit possessed. And I know under that cute dress and she has short stubby legs. Stick a giant bow on my head and we could be twins!

Forgive the not so great picture, I was eager to make her into an avatar (yeah, I'm a geek) and since my mom had not gotten around to taking her picture for their site yet and my dad went out and snagged the photo the auction place used. Trust me Mom's photo would have been much better!

Since I don't have my french-english dictionary handy I am currently using the internet to figure out exactly what it says. (My huge dictionary is at home, the remnants of being a french major). Oddly enough what I thought was a poster for a brand of wool seems to be for scottish(as in the nationality) wool. Maybe that is the name of the wool. The phrase on the diagonal means "non-shrinking wool", so I guess it's superwash? Then along the bottom it says "Ask for our wool in fine stores".

My parents had bought the poster to sell but my mom has offered to give her to me (I do have a birthday coming up...) but I am not sure if I would want to see her crazed eyes staring at me every day. I have to think about it.


Jenny said...

You could make little paper eyelids to tape up there when you don't want her looking at you.

Thanks for commenting and sending me your blog! I warn you, I am a bad updater and an even badder reader. (shh, it's the weekend I can say "badder")

However, I'm excited to have found your blog. :)

See you Wednesday!

Ariel said...

That's a quandary - the poster is so cool, yet she does have that demonic doll/evil clown vibe that might be creepy enough to outweigh the cool. I say paper eyelids all the way!

Macoco said...

Oooh she's a little too creepy for me!! I think she would try to poke you with the needles in your sleep. ;)