Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2008!

I am going to begin 2008 by posting the last few projects from 2007.

Here is the matching hat and mittens I made for charity and haven't actually sent yet. Whoops! Okay - 2008 battle procrastination. And I know you all wish you had a mannequin head of your very own.

Mittens Seaman's Cap Side View

Mini Sweater Ornament
Mini Sweater2

The Kitschy Christmas Tree I made for Meg because everyone should have a tree at Christmas. Decorated with a pretty garland of silver beads.

Kitschy Tree


Ariel said...

Love, love, love that tree! Though aren't you worried that your mannequin head comes alive at night, complete with mobile, hungry jaws? No? Just me then.

Macoco said...

I agree with Ariel - keep that head locked up at night!

The tree looks fabulous as do the rest of your projects!

CresceNet said...
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