Friday, December 28, 2007

Knitting Resolutions

Happy Holidays everyone!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful whatever-they-celebrate. I myself spend much of my time in Maine unconscious. Apparently I had a touch of consumption and had to take leave to my sickbed. Or in my case, the couch buried under crocheted afghans. Whoops, there I go coughing up my spleen again! I do have a few finished projects but since I can not get to flickr at work (bastards!) I will have to show them off at a later date. I am especially fond of the tree I made for Meg since I am all about silly, kitschy goodness.

Which brings us to the subject at hand. Resolutions. Every year, I go out and buy a few sheets of pretty stationery and an envelope. Then at some point on New Year's Eve I take a few minutes to write my big life (with a capital "L") resolutions and then I seal them in the envelope and write on the outside "Do Not Open Until December 31, the next year". Then the next year I open the envelope before I write that years resolutions to see how I did, re-resolve, chuckle at my stupidity, etc... I have been doing this for over 15 years now and it is now just one of the things that I always do.

As much as I do love to knit I do not think knitting will appear on the Big List this year unless I suddenly resolve to become an alpaca farmer, which does not seem likely. But it struck me that I have some knitting resolutions for the upcoming year and unlike The Big List these I will share.

Don't Apologize For Anything I Knit

A few weeks back I said that in the upcoming year I was going to knit like a grown up. Stop making toys, only make mature, sophisticated items. Well, screw that. I'm me. I like toys. I like silly and kitschy and weird. And as long as I find happy homes for my toys (so I don't become crazy, old, stuffie lady with her apartment full of toys that watch you as you walk from room to room) then I should be okay. I will also make other mature things but I won't feel bad about knitting what I like.

Treat Myself to Nice "No Purpose in Mind" Yarn

I almost always buy yarn with a specific project in mind and thereby focus on price, gauge, number of skeins needed etc...instead of just allowing myself to go "Oooh pretty, me like-y, must have" . Actually I do almost all my own shopping this way and almost never splurge on myself. As stated earlier, screw that. I deserve it and this year I am not going to forget to remind myself of that.

Knit for Who I Am Now, Not Who I Want to Be in the Future

I am not going to put off making that pretty sweater because I keep saying I want to wait until I am a smaller size. Pretty self-explanatory and clearly the whole weight issue is an item better suited for The Big List.

Surround Myself with Amazing, Supportive Knitters

This actually should have gone on my list last year if I had one because now I can pretty much check it off. I was very, very lucky to find a group where they are cool with whatever you are knitting and whatever yarn you are using and understand that knitting is about enjoying yourself and others and what you are doing rather than passing judgement and causing drama. And it's great that they laugh (a lot) and bring food. Now all I have to do is stay funny and charming and don't break any copy write laws and they seem willing to put up with me.

As with all of my lists, I reserve the right to add more on later. I hope you all have a Happy Healthy New Year and may all your skeins be knot-free.


Macoco said...

Happy New Year! I hope you kick the consumption in 2008. I will not have you reenacting Camille the whole year. ;)

I'm glad you found our group too!

Ariel said...

Happy New Year and amen! I think you should splurge on beautiful yarn for a lovely new sweater. You deserve it.