Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Bastards

So I managed to travel to and from Albany without having to complain about my company to any major degree. In fact the people I met with there were great and I was glad to finally meet them in person.

But then I get back to the office and as I am doing some blog reading I am noticing that pictures don't seem to be appearing on a few of the blogs. Not all, just some. Then I am on Ravelry and I notice none of my pictures are appearing. Hmmmmm.... I click on Flickr. And I get a big message saying this is a Forbidden Site. Wahhhh!!! Not only can't I get onto that site but any picture from that site is blocked. In the case of ravelry that is ALL of the pictures. Is it just Flickr? I click onto Snapfish - blocked.

I am now going to be forced to do my ravelry browsing and blog reading at home! How will I fill the hours of boredom I have at my office? When I have horrible days at work I usually look at a few Michelle photos (my niece) to make me smile. Now I can't. I am sad - so very, very sad. Trust me, I am pouting.

The only bright spot of today is that I an evening with my SnB'ers and some margaritas to look forward to that may take away some of the pain.

Scariest part of this is the realization that this may be the thing that truly motivates me to take action and get serious about looking for a new job. How screwy is that?


Macoco said...

I would be absolutely CRUSHED if that happened! :( Very, very sad.

Ariel said...

Dude, that sucks! Want me to beat them up?