Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

I have been a bad blogger. It has been a rough winter so far here in Boston. According to the local news station last night we already have gotten more snow so far than the yearly average and then they had to say "and winter is only half over!" I should never watch local news and stick with The Weather Channel. The snow is bad enough but this year we have had some serious cold stretches so when it's over 35 it feels down-right balmy. And as I write this there are large puddles of slush that are icing over and are sure to make for a treacherous walk to the T tomorrow morning.
Between the weather and the economic climate I think I have a touch of the January blues. I am a natural-born homebody so my inclination to stay home and curl up is pretty strong. But I am knitting away. I am working on the Anatolian Mittens from Folk Mittens. They are coming along quickly so at least I will be facing the cold in style.

I have also been asked to do a very special project. See the situation is this - Soggy's feet are cold. Therefore Soggy needs slippers and Auntie Sarah is a sucker when it comes to her niece . Some of you have seen Soggy before . His feet are not filled so I am not sure what size they are but they can probably be into stuffed into a sock ornament. I may have even said that I would make him a hat and scarf too. I mean really, do we want him getting sick?

Oh, did I even mention that I treated myself to a share from the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm for my birthday a few months back? So when I feel those January blues creeping in I go to their new and improved website and check out my sheep and goats. The Lambcam isn't up yet but there are some sweet photos that make me happy. I think my favs right now are Martha and Nan.


Sara Kirby said...

Oh no, Soggy is just the cutest looking elephant ever! With weather like that I suggest you all keep your feet toasty.

Ariel said...

Um, yeah, so I worked late last night and took the bus to Babcock street, got off the bus and COULD NOT FACE the filthy slush puddle at the corner. I turned around and walked home. Glad I wasn't the only SNB slacker.

Nell said...

I'm a homebody too. People think I'm boring but I think I just have too many projects!