Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

First off, I'm an idiot. I go to the Stitch n Pitch at the Lowell Spinners game on Monday and I forget my camera. Duh! But what? You're saying, "you're not an idiot Sarah, anyone could do that." To which I respond, oh yes I am, for it just hit me now, nearly 48 hours later, that I have a camera phone! And I could have used that to take at least one low resolution kinda blurry photo of the wonderful knitters around me. But alas, no photos, maybe I'll steal one of Ariel's who took a whole bunch so go check out her blog. That's my hand knitting the blue and green string bag!

While the Spinners themselves got thumped by the Jamestown Jammers things were much happier in the stands where a great crowd of knitters enjoyed themselves and got their stitch on. It was a great site seeing all those needles at work. The feeling of community was just great. As people walked by to get snacks they peeked at your projects and asked what project you were working on. Jess probably managed to convince a few non-knitters to give it a try or buy a share in a yarn CSA. I love minor league parks because everyone seems so friendly at them, must be only having to pay $7 a ticket and the short beer lines.

And since we know I love my presents it was awesome that I walked out with more yarn than I came in with! They were giving out prizes and I won a skein of festive cotton yarn. Plus as an added bonus, we were given pins and stickers by Jess and Casey, the ravelry creators themselves. A mention on Crazy Aunt Purl's blog and now a brush with the code monkey and mamarav it truly has been quite a month for me and knitting rock stars!


Ariel said...

I can officially say I heart the short beer line! Such a fun night!

Jenny said...

So fun! I can't wait to go with you guys next year. I was looking forward to it this year, but this was just not the time for me to go to a baseball game, bad back and sadness and all.

I LOVE the bag you're working on, by the way. It's beautiful and I want to make one. :)

So, hopefully you guys will want to go next year, 'cause I will!

Quirkles said...

I had a great time at the game too! I love how you and Ariel are trying to shame me into updating my blog! The laziness will win!