Monday, July 14, 2008

A Bite of the Apple

So I am back from a weekend in NYC visiting my friend Meg who has recently moved there. She is doing great except for a growing addiction to Tasti D Lite. After a slight delay in getting there when the megabus broke down, I arrived last Friday afternoon with some time to kill before Meg finished up work so I having done my homework beforehand on yarn stores I headed over to Knitty City. A truly charming store, with oodles of pretty yarn and a great vibe. I was surprised by how many people kept dropping in on a hot Friday afternoon in July. They had some great sounding classes coming up, if I lived in New York that would surely be my yarn store.

While I was knitting, Meg was getting us tickets to see Spring Awakening. I loved the music by Duncan Sheik. And there was the bare ass of a cutie 20 year old guy!

The next day we headed to Williamsburg for some for brunch and then stumbled upon the Brooklyn Brewery.
Brooklyn Brewery sign tanks.
Brooklyn Brewery tank

We ended up at Union Square Greenmarket where the vendors were selling wines, produce and in one bizarre tent both the lamb's wool yarn and the lamb itself for consumption. Don't worry I only took a photo of the yarn, not the meat.


As we headed back to Meg's apartment we could hear the free Bon Jovi in Central Park. Cue "You Give Love a Bad Name" here.

I may have to create a new treaty for Sarahland with the truly noble house of Barney Greengrass, The Sturgeon King. Really anyone who makes a lox, onions and eggs that good deserves to be king.

And finally we got to give Meg's new string bag out for a test drive at the farmer's market Sunday morning. It's a mix of the Everlasting Bagstopper and the Fantasy Naturale Market Bag.

Meg's New Bag

Close up

String Bag

All in all a wonderful weekend that I can't wait to repeat sometime soon.


Megan said...

After I dropped you off at the bus I tried Red Mango (in the same vein as Pinkberry). Good but Tasti D Light is much better on the wallet.

Ariel said...

Looks like a fantastic trip! Bare ass AND yarn? Dude! And your bag turned out awesome.

lemonade sandwich said...

It sounds like a nice weekend with your imaginary friend.

Jenny said...

Sounds like such an awesome time! I was in NYC with MY best friend last February and we went to Knitty City! I think it's so cool that you and I went to the same far off LYS. Or, NSLYS (not so).

I love the bag you knit for her and your trip sounds like it was amazing. Yay for New York City! (except the Yankees.) ;)