Monday, October 8, 2007

Is It Fall Yet?

I was forced to miss Stitch n'Bitch last week because of a business trip to Philadelphia. Trust me as the bumper stickers say "I'd rather be knitting".

It wasn't really that bad, I would to have liked to see the city itself but there really was no time for sightseeing. And my boss was far more interested in watching baseball in the hotel sports bar than venture downtown for a decent meal. My boss is not one to understand that I would much rather be in my hotel room reading Crazy Aunt Purl's book and ordering room service than in a amazingly loud sports bar watching a team I care nothing about. So I feigned a headache and escaped to enjoy my book. I really liked CAP's book but I also find a lot of my neurotic-self in her blog so I am not surprised. Not so much a knitting book as a memoir but very moving and inspiring and hilarious.

I finished up my Danica scarf last week but as it's been either freakishly 85 degrees or raining (neither a good thing for wool)I have not had a chance to wear it outside yet. I love the way it turned out, the Patons SWS seemed to know to change colors perfectly aligned with the squares. And how kick-ass does my first try at entrelac look? Okay, I'm bragging, but I've been around Grandma "Look at my beautiful sweaters!" Harriet this weekend.

Note to self: next project less picking up stitches. I am not a fan of having to pick up many, many stitches.


Ariel said...

Oh, it's beautiful - well done! What's the weaving-in-ends situation like on a scarf like that??

Macoco said...

Your scarf looks great! Yeah, what's with missing knitting last week??? Hope to see you tonight! ;)