Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Marsy!!!!

Today is my sister's birthday and while I may (or may not) have made her something pretty I can't post pictures yet since she hasn't actually received it. So to fill up this space I'll share a few reasons why she's a cool big sister.

1. She will always be older than me, a bummer at age 12 but looking pretty good now.

2. She doesn't complain when I call her waaaaaaay too many times at work.

3. She gives me 2,000 googly eyes as a gift because she knows I will love it.

4. She is amazingly creative , far more than I could ever be.

5. She proves that there's someone normal who came out of our gene pool. The rest of us are playing Marco Polo in the deep end until we are all pruny.

6. She has put up with my request for a pony far longer than most people would.

7. She knows the difference between icing and frosting (well, now she does).

8. She is a great mom raising a truly amazing kid.

9. It's pretty easy to make her laugh hard enough for beverages to go up her nose. Every smartass (me) needs someone to crack up at family dinners.

10. She know she has to be nice to me or else I teach her daughter the bumblebee song.

I gave her a copy of this picture a few years back but it is really one of my favorite photos ever and damn, aren't we adorable?



Ariel said...

Oh, that's so sweet! Your sister sounds very cool, and I hope she has a fabulous birthday!

Macoco said...

Happy birthday to your sister! You guys have some rocking outfits on in that picture. I do not know the difference between icing and frosting. You will have to educate me.

Quirkles said...

I want to learn the bumblebee song!

lemonade sandwich said...

Thanks Sarah. This is definitely a good present all on its own. But that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to my own handknit gift!

Trust me, you do not want to know the bumblebee song.

Icing is thin and is the kind of sugar coating you put on cookies. Frosting is the thick gooey stuff you put on cupcakes. If you put icing on cupcakes, it will work, but it's not that heaping pile of sugar and flowers that you are hoping for.

And I'm just glad that the icing vs frosting incident is the cooking disaster that was referenced here. There were other far more embarrassing ones that could have been pulled from the vault.