Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I destroyed a UFO!!!

This is not really as exciting as the title suggests but I've learned from my local news stations that it's all about an inticing promo to get you to tune it. My favorites being "Balloons. Why are they so deadly?" and "The Hidden Dangers of Wearing Crocs" - story at 10 on Fox 25!

Whew, back from that tangent....for the non-knitters out there who read my blog (Meg) a UFO is an Unfinished Object. For some reason, my longest UFO ever has been this Brea Bag. It knit up really quickly last November and I loved the way it turned out. And then it sat and sat. It sat while I tried to find a handle for it. And it sat as I tried to find the perfect button. And then is sat for a hell of a long time waiting for me to sewing the lining. Apparently there was a very localized earthquake that seemed to bury only my sewing machine.

I never found a leather handle I liked that didn't cost 2x more that the yarn itself - so I went with a braid of I-cord and there is no perfect button, I decided simple- so as not to distract from the pattern. And it in a fit of neat freak I unearthed my sewing machine. So 11 months after casting on I present my bag.

Brea Bag


Macoco said...

heehee very catch headline! Your bag looks really cute. I hope to see it tomorrow!

Megan said...

I got a blog shout out! I'm so proud.

Ariel said...

Heh - every time I lose something from now on, I'm going to think of it as a localized earthquake that buried only [insert name of lost thing here]. Also, now you've piqued my curiosity - why are ballons so deadly? Does it have anything to do with scary clowns?

Charley said...

The "Balloons... Why are they so deadly" tv news promo has been a favorite in our family for some time. The actual news story was about party supply stores that leave loose balloons in open bins at a height that children could reach them. Kids with poor impulse control could then grab the loose balloon, put it in their mouth, and accidently inhale it. Dumb, but sadly quite dangerous as a balloon that's become lodged in a throat is _very_ hard to get out and a major choaking hazard.

That said, "[fill in the blank], why is it so deadly" is one of our favorite quotes.