Thursday, January 14, 2010

Present for Me

I posted previously some handmade gifts that I made but now I have show off the handmade that I got!!! 

While I was knitting away on my sister's radishes she was busy putting the finishing touches on my awesome new apron. 


I had seen some cool vintage styled aprons around at craft shows and on etsy and I thought well hell, I could do that. But then I realized my sister sews far better than I do and she knows how to use them pattern-y things and to cut fabric straight and do all the things that I tend to screw up when I sew.   So I hinted that this would be something I might like.   And by hinting I really mean saying, "Hey, you can make me this for my birthday/Hannukah/other gift giving opportunity!" 

Apparently forcing her to shop for fabric is similar to asking a knitter to shop for yarn not a big hardship for her there; something tells me she probably picked up a little something for herself along the way.

It's got some red to match the KitchenAid mixer (doesn't everyone accessorize to match their appliances?) and I totally never would have thought of florals for me but they are bright and happy and offset with polka dots (sis loves polka dots) and I love it. You can't really tell from the photo but it skirts out so I totally feel like I am channeling my inner Betty Draper from Mad Men when I wear it. Now I just have to get around to doing some cooking....


babyjenks said...

i love it! tell your sis it's awesome. i wanna see it in action some day... how about a movie night? would you be up to watching "up"? there are a couple of us knittas that haven't seen it.

anyways, love the apron!

~ sabe

Ariel said...

That apron is awesome. Please tell me you're going to hostess a fabulous party in which you bring delicious tidbits out of the kitchen while wearing your gorgeous apron? Actually don't tell me that, cuz I can't be there and it will make me sad.

Lisa M said...

That is totally a hostess with the mostess apron - LOVE it!

Sara Kirby said...

beautiful present, well deserved!

Jenny said...

There is a vintage apron exhibit at the Textile History Museum in Lowell, weirdly enough. Very cute!