Friday, January 1, 2010

Live from New York It's A Snowy Saturday Night

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone out there ended 2009 in a happy way. 

Not surprisingly I am a bit behind and will have to have some 2009 related posts before I fully surrender to the new decade.

The week before Christmas I headed to NYC to stay with Non-Crafty Meg and to go to Saturday Night Live.  Of course there was a doozy of a winter storm coming up the east coast but I was lucky and made it there before the snow hit and buses and trains were cancelled. 

With a dim sum lunch in Chinatown shortly after I arrived I was fortified to up into the wee hours.  We braved the snow and crowds at Rockefeller Center to see The Tree, well, it was across the street from the studio so really how could we not?

Non-Crafty Meg with The Tree behind her, it's hard to see but it's there

The Tree at Rockefeller Center

Watching SNL was really cool.  I had never seen a tv show filmed before so it was neat to see all the inner workings and how much goes on so during the commercials of a live show.  And for my cousin, Celeste, yeah James Franco was really hot.


For you knitters out there I also managed to make a quick stop at School Products before I left and picked up a cashmere-silk blend and some Karabella yarn of which they have more colors than I have ever seen.