Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Knitting on Parade

We exchanged most of our gifts in the family over New Years this year so I am now able to show you some of my holiday knitting. 

For my brother-in-law I knit him the We Call Them Pirates hat. I was afraid it was going to be a bit snug but it seemed to fit well and even covered his ears which is necessary with the wind chills putting us into single digits around here recently.

We Call Them Pirates 2

A few months back my sister and I are chatting on the phone and she says "you'd knit me radishes, right?" To which I answered "of course I would."   Seems like a normal conversation to me apparently to others it's a bit weird, bah. Turns out she had a copy of Marie Claire Idees with a pattern for french radishes.  So I had to go and translate the pattern from french to english.  Time to put that French Lit degree to good use! Only I wasn't that familiar with french knitting terms but luckily I found this French Knitting dictionary on Chez Plum, a great find that has been bookmarked for future endeavors. I did adapt it to knit it the round, less seaming, but otherwise I stuck pretty much to the pattern, I think.  They came out very cute and my sister loved them.

French Radishes

Also for those keeping track at home I knit the Squirrel and Oak Mittens (same designer Hello Yarn, as the pirate hat) about a year and a half ago (my first stranding project) and they came out a wee bit small. My niece has finally grown into them (go milk!) and is now their proud owner. It's nice to know they are finally being used to their full potential (making a snow woman in the wilds of Maine - no pictures to show you since I was not crazy enough to leave my warm cocoon under a pile of afghans on the sofa to face the cold.

Squirrel & Oak Mittens

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Charley said...

Thank you again for the nifty new hat. I ware it to work and a bunch of people made cool comments about it.