Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is Something Going On Today?

Happy Election Day!

I've voted! Only about a 35 minute wait at 7am this morning. Usually there is no wait at my polling place but I figure it wasn't too bad and I am glad to see a big turnout. As I was waiting, I knit a few inches of another square for the Pine Street Inn Knit-A-Thon. Really, how do people manage waiting in lines without knitting? I do miss the old school voting booths with the curtains, I remember going in them with my mom as a kid and her letting me move the levers.

My feeling on voting on this, you don't vote - you don't get to complain. And we all know I love bitching too much to give up that right. Of course there is no complaining in Sarahland since I am a benevolent dictator and treat my citizens quite well. Well, unless they spit but then they deserve my wrath.

Outside of Sarahland everyone is pretty worked up about this election but I don't think I can sit through a whole night of talking heads with their maps, screens, polls and predictions.... I think I may have to program my own alternative Election Night tv viewing. I am thinking maybe some Pinky and The Brain, a quest for power at its most pure - narf! Then followed with a bit of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. And since I love theme meals I think I may have to go with some all-American comfort food for dinner, chicken and dumplin's.

I figure at this point you have all been told to vote by a gazillion different people and things so you don't need me telling you too. And if you're not in the US y'all are probably so sick of us and this incredibly loooooong process. But I will tell you that Starbucks is giving out free coffee if you vote and Ben & Jerry's free ice cream. So if the democratic process isn't a good enough reason for you then free eats should be.


Megan said...

Move to New York. We still have the old school booths. And better knitting stores. And, well, ME!

lemonade sandwich said...

I took advantage of the coffee. I didn't hear about free ice cream until this afternoon. Pout.
We had no wait. I think Michelle spent more time deciding on a purchase from the bake sale table than we spent waiting. (Yes, that does mean that she did have a cupcake for breakfast.)

Nell said...

I miss the levers too. I voted by mail. Convenient but not as monumental an occasion!

Lisa M said...

There was a pretty long line at 6:45 when I went to vote. And I remember the old voting booths, too. The MA ballots remind me of a multiple choice test!