Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, gobble.

I've been slacking on blogging since I was busy with stuff and celebrating my birthday. My birthday usually falls on or very close to Turkey Day. So my friends are often traveling for the holiday and my birthday has a tendency to get lost. But not this year, this year I spent it in the company of good friends, good food and tasty cocktails. So tomorrow is just Thanksgiving, no candles in the sweet potato, no Happy Bird-day cards.s Just family and a wonderful meal.

So what will I be doing the day after Thanksgiving? The idea of heading to the stores at 5am on Friday is so amazingly perverse to me so you know you won't catch me waiting in line to get into Best Buy or Walmart. I would rather sleep in, put up a pot of coffee and knit and sew and and stitch and nap and watch DVDs. I have some ideas for some handmade gifts for the holidays and a few other things so I hope to make a good dent in them this weekend. There, now I have said it I have to follow through lest I get comments saying what a slacker I am.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow with family and friends eating too much and taking turkey-induced naps. I myself will be munching on my mom's kick-ass sweet potato biscuits and I am sure to eat way too many.

For those of you outside the U.S., well....Happy Thursday! Woo!

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Nell said...

Naps sound really good!