Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello y'all! I flew down to Atlanta for the wedding of a college friend this past weekend and it sounds like I still have a little southern accent in my ears. I love it. I would trade that lilt of a southern voice for a Bostons accent any day any time. The weather there is about a month or so behind Boston so it was nice see the leaves all in full color and to hear folks commenting how chilly it was getting(it was in the 60s).

It definitely was not the weather for my latest finished project, Porom designed by Brooklyn Tweed. Since I have naturally curly hair, a la Frieda from Peanuts, finding winter hats has always been a problem for me. But then this pattern was published and the model had curly hair!!!! So I knew I wanted to make it and I had a strong idea of what kind of yarn I wanted to use, natural undyed wool or some sort. So I went with this really nice llama wool that I bought specifically for this project at Rhinebeck.

It's a great pattern, very well written and a quick knit and it looks good on me. I may even mke aa second one of a slightly thinner yarn to show off the lace pattern. I wish I could post a photo of me wearing it but you know what's harder to do than take a photo of yourself? Taking a photo of the back of your own head.

Porom front

Porom back


Ariel said...

Love the hat! And I totally understand the difficulty of taking self-portraits. Good thing you just happen to have a creepy mannequin head laying around. Never know when one might come in handy. Or come to life and devour you in your sleep. Whatever.

Sara Kirby said...

The hat looks great! The head bust is a little scary, haha! thanks for the hat idea, i want to make one now also!