Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet Therapy

I was having a crappy morning at work; boredom, frustration, that guy who won't stop tapping his pen, ya know the usual. Then I read the latest post on The Toy Society and I felt a little happier. Something about the idea that there is a little girl out there who believes fairies leave stuffed animals for people to find just lightened me up a little.

And that post led me to this post on Sheeps Clothing blog about a wool stealing cat and who knows what I'll find next.

I think if I keep clicking away during my lunch hour and I will be in much better spirits for stitch n' bitch tonight.


Ariel said...

When I rule the world, we will have The Beer Society. The Beer Society will leave a nice cold beer and a well-paired wedge of cheese at people's desks when they are having a bad day at work. In fact (since I will be ruling the world and all), Beer Society drop-offs will be made exclusively by scantily clad, well-muscled men who would also provide a complimentary back massage while telling the recipient that they are "totally hot."

The Toy Society said...

Oh my goodness can the Beer Society please drop a beer on my desk?!

How cool is that wool thieving cat!