Monday, August 11, 2008

Here's the Dish

Before I get to my ravelympics update I realized I never posted photos of my last project. My friend the daftcrafter asked for some pattern testers for her first pattern ever!!! It's The Mod Dishtowel that was a fun quick knit and looks oh so cute in my kitchen. My photos don't do it justice but it really is a funky pattern. She is due to post the pattern soon so check back soon. Oh also please ignore my grimy stove.


Now a quick ravelympics update. I cast on and knit a inches and then ripped it all out. I decided I didn't like the way the Silky Wool was knitting up, just slightly nubby so the pattern didn't come out crisp enough. So I was forced, forced I tell you, to buy some new yarn today. I went with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light and started again. Oh and by the way, why didn't anyone tell me how awesome Magic Loop is? I may never use DPN's again.



Jenny said...

Oh eff you, how many times have I professed my deep and intense love for magic loop?! You crazy just didn't want to listen. This is what you'll be like when you finally start socks.


Thanks for posting pictures and knitting the towel! I have to get the actual pattern up now!

Anna said...

Good luck with the Olympic project! Those mittens looks very challenging! I'm doing EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket for my own Knitting Olympics too. I hope we both get the gold!

Quirkles said...

I second Jenny. Have we not ALL been telling you that the way to go is either magic loop or two circulars? How dare you accuse us of not informing you!