Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is that Fall I Smell?

If my blog were a teenage girl it would have serious self-esteem issues. I give it lots of attention for a while and then completely ignore it. But we could also watch Gossip Girl together and braid each other's hair so that would be cool.

I wish I could say I was off doing something fun these past few weeks but in reality they sucked. Not for me directly (except for the usual suckage that is work) but for my family. My folks walked in on their house being robbed (they are okay), there were a couple of medical scares (again everyone okay) and one pre-schooler with vomiting issues. Given the fact that I am a bit superstitious, neurotic and definitely a worry-er; I kept waiting for something awful to happen to me, dwelling on how horrible things could have been and what we would have done then and worrying about my family all at the same time.

But that is all in the past, you know why? Because yesterday it started to feel like fall here! Fall is my favorite season and autumn in New England is really just wonderful. Not that I was ready for the Halloween cookie dough I started seeing at the supermarket in mid-August but now that we are in the double digits of September I am ready to embrace it. Bring on the apple cider and tweedy wools! The new knitty is up and I have things I must add to the queue. The fall tv season has started and there are premieres to watch and then bet on how long the show will last on the air.


Ariel said...

You know what the antidote to the usual suckage is, right?

Sending me your resume...


Jenny said...


I'm so sorry about the craptitude that's going on with your family lately! Mercury is in retrograde, or SOMETHING, because bad things are happening all around.

'NUFF OF THAT you say, and I say it with you. It is time for warmy cozy knits and apple picking and pumpkin carving! YAAAYYY!!!

Lisa B. said...

Hope the crappiness stops, abruptly! The whole walking in on the house being robbed? OMG...I can't imagine...I'd have been terrified.

Yes, fall! Fall is a much better thing to think about! I love fall too, and I'm even going to be spending a long weekend enjoying fall up in New England next week! Yeay! Can't wait!

Nell said...

Fall in New England is so gorgeous! The colors!!!! OH, the colors!!!

I'm glad things are getting better for you. Hopefully that's all the bad that will happen for awhile.

Macoco said...

So psyched that fall is in the air! I actually knit a little bit this weekend.

babyjenks said...

well, it did feel like fall. but today the weather has gone back to hot and humid. :(
i want the fall back!

Sara Kirby said...

I am so there with you. I say "Bring on the Harvest!"

Sorry you life has stunk for a little bit but the harvest will bring forth much happiness!