Friday, March 28, 2008

The Towel Makes It Home

So I've been a bit of a slacker these past few weeks in terms of blogging. While I've been pretty busy in my real life I haven't had much to show for it in my crafty life. I've been knitting away on a stashbusting log cabin afghan, some mindless knitting that has been keeping me warm as I knit it while watching "The Wire" DVDs.

Remember several months ago I posted about a Super Secret embroidery project I was working on? Sure you do. Well just about a year ago, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the original Tea Towel Tour for Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. Well, unfortunately that towel never made its way home to Austin to the Sublime Stitching offices. Since most of y'all reading this are knitters you are probably not familiar with Jenny's work but I have always love her patterns and her work is really amazing. Not to mention to that I was able to go to an event of hers a few years back when her book came out and she is really an inspiring person for women-business owners, craft-y type people or really just anyone.

So after a six month journey across country the new towel was hand-delivered to Jenny.

There is some really great work on there so be sure to check out the close-ups on craftster . I mean there is a pin-up girl sitting on a wheel of cheese, people!

Think it may be time to pull out the old embroidery hoop. and learn how to balance my time between more than one craft at a time. So lookout, there may be more dancing garlic and flaming martinis coming at you soon!


Macoco said...

I'm glad the second towel made it to her! That is a really great project and it's cool that you all stuck with it even though you had to redo it after the first one went MIA.

Ariel said...

Hurrah! Hey, if I *maybe* wanted to try embroidery, would you give me a tutorial? I can imagine few things cooler than pin-up girls on cheese. Seriously - so awesome!

Anna said...

That is so cool! What a coincidence...I actually got my first pack of Sublime Stitching patterns this weekend at a store in Portland, ME. Now I'm totally inspired to get going!