Friday, February 1, 2008

Good-bye January!

First of all let me tell y'all what an idiot I am....I changed some option on my blog that made it so I had to moderate any comments before they could be published. (I had one instance of icky spam comment and I was trying to keep that from happening) but apparently I never set it up to tell me that I had comments a' waitin' for my moderation so they were sitting there for 2 weeks. Whoops. Just gave myself a dope slap. But since it happened in January I am not all that surprised. It was not that great of a month and I am very glad it is over. It kinda sucked. Luckily I had some really good people around to cheer me up so it could have been way worse.

But one good thing that I managed to accomplish this month was to finish the Michellephant sweater. My niece really, really likes elephants and has amassed quite a collection for such a young girl. So one day I was surfing around on ravelry ('cause that rarely happens) and did a pattern search for elephants and lo and behold this sweater comes up. I know that she would love it but then it turns out that the pattern is from a 2004 issue of Knit It! How the hell am I going to get my hands on that? So I put a notice on a ravelry forum and a lovely woman in Oregon has the magazine and will send it to me just for the cost of shipping. How cool is that?

Elephant Pullover

I promise to add a photo when Michelle actually gets the sweater and is modeling it but I really wanted to post a photo of a FO and it's not like it will it ruin the surprise for her since she's not on the web. Yet.

My sister doubts that when Michelle looks at the sweater, she will say "Nice seaming, Auntie Sarah" but I am pretty proud of my seaming skills on this. Oh and in the theme of Fearless Knitting how great was it to tackle my first big intarsia project and have it come out looking like what it was supposed to?


Macoco said...

That sweater is incredibly sweet! That's one lucky niece you have there. And having seen the seaming in person - you really did do a great job. :)

Megan said...

Oh I love it! Even if it's NOT purple (but it kinda looks purplish)

Ariel said...

So, so cute, even without an elephant butt on the back!

Jenny said...

THIS is a beautiful sweater!!! I love it!

Your comment made me laugh REALLY hard. Fundamentalist religious literature and gay porn! I'm so doing it!

Jenny said...

No. Seriously. After thinking about it, I really am going to sign the guy up for gay porn and fundamentalist literature. You definitely win your choice. Kool Aid dyed sock yarn or candy cane handspun? If the dyed, what colors?

Araxe said...

Hi -- I have been trying to get my hands on this pattern. Do you know how I can get a copy?