Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bags and Yarn and Quiche, Oh My!

The Mad Stashbuster strikes again! I don't know why I keep knitting bags since I never use them as much as they deserve but I just can't help myself. And they are more functional than the stuffed animals. This is my version of the Icon Bag . It's got this cool chart that was originally from a 14th century Byzantine piece in etched silver. I haven't done a whole bunch of charted colorwork so this even though it was just stockinette in the round it still required my full attention. The only downside was that since I did this in Lamb's Pride it has the fuzz of the mohair that doesn't make the design pop as much as I would like. So I did give it a bit of a haircut to trim some of the fuzz and to accidentally snort mohair. I swear I was just experimenting and I will never do it again.

Icon Bag2

Here is my beautiful yarn that the Daft Crafter dyed for me. Apparently my yarn was so happy to be dyed that it took flight check out the photos here. So hence it's name, Flying Happy Jenny Yarn.

Happy Flying Jenny Yarn

And since my last culinary creation received such praise I figured I'd show off my latest yumminess, a mushroom and broccoli quiche.


Macoco said...

Wow, you really whipped out that bag! It looks really great. I always have to give my lambs pride felted items a good shaving.
Your quiche looks delicious. mmmmm.
Hope to see you tonight!

Susanna said...

ooooh- my sister and i are planning on making a quiche this weekend- any tips?

Ariel said...

Cute bag. Am I the only one that feels kind of dirty when shaving my felted knits? Yes? Just me, then. And that quiche looks delicious - did you make the crust?

Jenny said...

You crack me up. Snorting some mohair.

Shut up, it was just the once. But seriously, that bag is pretty damn cool, lady.

That quiche looks yuuuummmmyyyyy....