Monday, November 12, 2007

Just a Quick Catch Up

Just a quick update on a couple of completed projects.

I finally gave my sister her overdue birthday present, Argosy. I am 90% sure she liked it and well, at least it's not black. I think it's really pretty but since she keeps getting things that are well-meaning but wrong she has had a lot of practice pretending to like things much more than she really does.


And I also finished up my Knucks this weekend. Geez, could I just knit everything from Knitty?

I am still torn on how I feel about them. I knit them with Berroco's Uxbridge Tweed which is a thicker yarn than the pattern called for. Which makes them nice and warm but a bit bulky. I am glad my first foray into gloves worked out okay, I mean there isn't a thumb coming out of the palm or 7 fingers on one hand so I like them in that respect. It's just that I'm just not really excited about them. I suppose it's likely to happen after a few projects you just have one that is functional just not flashy. Oh my, I think my gloves are Jan Brady. Well, now I just feel bad for them being a fellow middle child and all.



Macoco said...

Your agrosy is so pretty - I really like those colors! Give the knucks some time - I hope they grow on you.

Ariel said...

Love the argosy, and I'm sure your sister did too. The knucks are going to be so cozy - I bet you end up loving them.

lemonade sandwich said...

I really do like it. Its not just a good act! I'm also really impressed, since it goes way beyond my average stockinette scarf.