Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preparing for an Early Winter...

It has become cold awfully early this year, seriously it was in the 30s this morning! It's a good thing I finished up my latest project so my head will stay toasty warm.

My sister had given me some of her leftover weaving yarn cones and they've been hanging out in my stash for a while. It seemed to be fingering weight-ish and the red and cream colors were really similar to the yarn I had used in my Anatolian Mittens. I decided I needed a matching but not really matching hat. It's stranded and red and white but otherwise a completely different design.

So here is my Selbu Modern, a wonderful free pattern that can be located right here at Kelbourne Woolens. It's a really well-written pattern and the only modifications I made were to go up in needle size because I have both a big head with lots of hair and seem to knit my stranded work pretty tight and it all always seems to run a bit small. This time it came out just the right size and I am really thrilled with it.

This picture is of the side design.


And I was delightfully surprised by how the top comes together in a giant star/snowflake thingie.



Sara Kirby said...

Your hat is beautiful!!!

Lisa B. said...

What an awesome hat!

Ariel said...

Damn, that's pretty! And damn you for making me add yet another project to my Ravelry queue.

Jenny said...

OH MY GOD that's gorgeous!!!