Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Already?

Hello everyone out there!

I seem to have fallen off the face of the blog for the past few weeks. Sorry 'bout that. For over a week I was in a truly crappy mood and seem to hate everyone. The mood has since passed and I am again my sweet and charming self. (That noise you hear right there- is my sister choking on something.) Anyway...while in that foul mood I also came down with some weird Knitter's Block. I couldn't figure out what to cast on next and everything I started was frogged soon after. I did managed to knit a few squares for the Pine Street Inn Knit-A-Thon so at least something got accomplished.

Good news - remember the Endpaper Mitts that I finished and wasn't really thrilled about? I brought them to Stitch n Bitch and I had my friend Laurel try them on. They looked great on her - truly great, like they were made just for her. Maybe they were? Maybe the knits knew more than then knitter? Hmmmm...

A few weeks back I went to the first meeting of the season of the Common Cod Fiber Guild, where the speaker was Kristin Nicholas discussing The Joy of Color. It was really a great talk. Kristin does great things with color (duh!) but also combining knitting and embroidery. I have in my craft book library, her embroidery book and I really should get around to do a project from it. The photos in her slide show were just gorgeous and she brought samples from her new book coming out (next person I know who has a baby is getting a sweet baby blanket from that book) and Kristin hung out and chatted afterwards and answered all sorts questions.

The CSA windfall continues....the early season greens have now given way to an abundance of eggplants, potatoes, butternut squash, melon, peppers and kale yes the kale is back...I am roasting a bunch of eggplants and peppers as I type.

My cousin, future magazine editor and style maven has taken my theory, Bacon, it's the new Cupcake, and run with it in this post on her blog. Yeah, there's a bacon bra, which makes me feel good since no matter how weird I am there will always be weirder out there.

I have cast on a new project, I'm back to my stranded ways so hopefully I will have some photos in the next post. Happy October! Or Socktober for those who are into such things.

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lemonade sandwich said...

Yes, that was my snort that you heard at exactly that moment!

Did you notice that Newsweek also had an article about bacon as the new cupcake? Its taken off now!