Sunday, April 27, 2008


Clearly I have sheep on the sheep on the brain due to Gore Place Sheep Sheering Festival. To get myself prepared for sheepy goodness I made some silly sheep. I may have finally mastered that tricky french knot.

French Knot Sheep

So then I was off to Gore Place with some of my knitter friends to eat fair food, check out cute livestock and pet some yarn. Success achieved on all counts.

The Alpacas one pre-sheering, one post, I always think sheered alpacas look like fuzzy lollipops.

Cute lambies.

Bunny 4H Group

4H Bunny, not Nugget who I formed an immediate bond with and wanted to take home in my bag, but another cute bun. I forgot how much I love holding bunnies!

No matter what the other goats did this guy would not come out of his hiding place.


And finally my splurge of the day, this gorgeous cashmere yarn made from reclaimed sweaters. Me, buying yarn with no specific project in mind, a step forward in my stash acquisition.

Ellie's Reclaimed Cashmere Yarn


Jenny said...

I had so much fun at Gore! I'm so sorry i forgot to give you that $5 back, but thank you so much for saving me in Lucy's tent. I'll definitely be there on Wed if you're showing up, and your $5 bill is in my car, just waiting to be given back to you.

I hadn't seen your previous blog post, but those blue chairs and matching valance are ADORABLE! Really, really well done, and totally inspiring me to do something like that, too. I did a couple weeks ago make a curtain for the kitchen window- I should probably put a picture of that up...

Macoco said...

Now that I know there is $5 in Jenny's car I'm going to bust out a window to snatch it. :P

Cute little sheepies - the embroidered ones and the real ones. ;)

If I am out of my hermit-hood I will see you on Wednesday.

Anna said...

Ahhh you found the recycled cashmere... one of my favorite things about Gore Place. I have some in my stash too. Keep me posted on what you decide to do with it!

*Celeste said...

Hey Sarah, it's Celeste. I decided to start a blog here about starting up my crafty business and what not. It's if you don't get automatically directed to it by clicking on my name. Hurray!