Tuesday, October 12, 2010

O' Where O' Where Did My Mojo Go?

Somewhere in the past month or so I lost my knitting mojo. Actually not just my knitting mojo but my mojo in general. Friends moving away, people you care for in pain, the days getting shorter....sigh.  I am not even sure I lost my mojo. I think that it ran away and is currently riding the rails with a red handkerchief tied to a stick over its shoulder. (Yes, my mojo is a 1930's hobo, what of it?)

There are some good tidings coming soon because my pal Ariel is heading to town and I sense there will be some knttin', eatin', drinkin' fun to be had.

But in the meantime I figured I'd think of some stuff that tickles my fancy and maybe entice my mojo to come home where I have homemade applesauce waiting for it.

Apparently pickling is contagious. My sister started it, then me and now my brother has joined the bandwagon and made a batch which were apparently awesome. Even my dad is considering pickling the green tomatoes that they had to take in when they had a frost up in Maine. For some reason this really makes me giggle since even though I know that my dad can cook, the image of him using measuring spoons is such a weird one.He is definitely a shaker top his spices directly onto a slab of meat kind of guy.

Getting tickets to the Amy Sedaris reading in November. Amy Sedaris is coming to town to do a reading for my local bookstore and tickets went quickly. When I called they had only 8 left and I was glad to snag 2. I think she is so funny and wacky and we share a love of the googly eyes so that must make us kindred spirits. I think if I pick up a copy of her new book Simple Times:Crafts for Poor People, my mojo will respond well to that.

Weekly Photo Assignments at Smarts & Crafts.com  I am not sure when I started reading the blog of this San Francisco store.  I am sure that it was mentioned on some other blog I read. The store  looks so cool and I will totally  visit when/if I get out that way. But what I really like is that each week they give out weekly photo assignments. Assignments are things like "something orange" or "something sweet" or "your morning coffee". I don't manage to do it every week but I try to keep the assignment in the back of my head and remember to throw my camera in my bag and it forces me to stop and take pictures of things I normally wouldn't (i.e. not yarn or yarn based items). And I like to look at the other people's photos to see how they interpreted it. Assignments are given out on Fridays when the previous week's photos are posted.

And of course, squash with google eyes.

Squash with googlies

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Ariel said...

Careful. I learned in health class that a contagious pickle should be avoided.