Monday, June 21, 2010

Seriously, another Knit Chicken?

Clearly I have a problem.  (And to my sister who had the thought "Just one?" a second ago, I'll get you for that, beware you may be forced to laugh at something so hard a beverage comes out your nose.) Anyway, back to my problem, it's the damn knit toys!  I can't stop making them.  I see this pattern by Susan B. Anderson for chickens and I think that's a cute pattern. But nothing I really need to make. But then looking through the projects on ravelry I see the chicken made with these great charts that a ravelry user has been so gracious as to put up on her blog. 

There is something about the colors and the wing pattern that reminds me of this set of chicken knick-knack things that my grandmother used to have on top of her fridge and suddenly I really wanted to make this bird. Ah, nostalgia.  The fact that I happened to have all the colors I needed  just hanging around in my stash made it a done deal. 

Knit Chicken

Since the last thing I need is another stuffed animal in my place and he's a bit too country to fit with my style the chicken will soon be crossing the road and traveling up to Maine to enjoy the simple life of my folks place there. 

Knit Chicken profile

The charts are available here at rav member, ElleM's blog. You still need to buy the original pattern, the blog just has the charts for the stranded design.

I would say this is the last toy I will be knitting for a while but my mom just asked if I'd make a toy for the grand-daughter of one of her friends.  And seriously can I stop knitting toys for longer than a few months? Apparently not.


Anonymous said...

Very nice chicken! Is it an appropriate size for a tea or toaster cozy? I have a friend with a chicken kitchen theme... LOL

lemonade sandwich said...

I'm sure that I would never have said anything like that.

And since this is electronic, you can't see that I didn't say that with a straight face.

Ariel said...

It's a colorwork toy chicken. How could you not knit it?!? That's like putting lime green sock yarn on top of a pile of bacon spread over a tattooed alternaboy's suprisingly muscular chest. Uh, for me.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah! We all have our little quirks. And yours is awfully charming.

Sara Kirby said...

Love this chicken! My friend is completely addicted to roosters and i was thinking of taking this pattern giving it a slight rooster twist, what do you think?

Nell said...

Of course, I love it!