Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I admit it, I cheated on my knitting.

I have this project I'm working on with gorgeous yarn that I simply adore and yet over the weekend I set it aside. I wanted something quick and easy so I just feel the satisfaction of having completed a project. Having more than one project on the needles - people do it all the time, right? Really, it's no big deal. But you don't understand, there were no needles, it was crochet! Gasp!

It started so innocently I was surfing around on ravelry and accidentally had crochet checked instead of knitting when doing a pattern search. Suddenly all these cute patterns popped up. I started digging around in my stash and found some random sock yarn leftovers that someone had given me. And I had these little bone ring thingies in my sewing supplies that I bought for some project. Although for the life of me I have no clue what it was. I decided to make this cute bracelet using the instructions here at CraftStylish. I changed the yarn type, hook size and the layout of the rings and I got rid of the clasp and made it just a bit bigger so it can slide on and off but the basic how-to's are all the same.

Here's a detail shot of it before I decided to forget the clasp and make it slip on.
Crochet Bracelet

I like the way it turned out. Since it's kinda flat and made of yarn it doesn't clank against the keyboard which is what I spend a huge portion of my day doing.

And here's a pic of it in action.

Crochet Bracelet

Knitting is my first love but I can't say I won't stray again.


Alanna said...

I think it's great that you can create with crochet as well. Who says you have to be loyal to one method of craftiness? Broadening your horizons is a good thing, right?

Sara Kirby said...

So cute, so pretty, and so fun! I felt that same way recently. I crocheted like 10 irish flowers (pattern found on ravelry) and 5 granny squares one week because each night I just needed to come home and work on something that could be done that evening.

Great job!

Ariel said...

Crocheting makes Jesus cry. Why do you hate Jesus? Your bracelet is awfully pretty, though.