Monday, August 31, 2009

Phiaro for Paris

Remember a few posts back I said how I bought that beautiful Tilli Tomas red silk yarn for a gift for someone else? It is an early birthday present for my sister. She is turning a BIG birthday this year (ya know the kind that ends with a "0" or a "5"?) So for this big birthday she decided she wanted to go to Paris. I started thinking about it and decided she needed a chic scarf for this trip.

We looked at patterns on ravelry and narrowed it down to a few. This was not going to be a surprise gift, I figured she deserved to get exactly what she wanted and it was a good thing because she chose the Phiaro Scarf which I probably wouldn't have picked myself. A simple pattern with an interesting construction made it knit up pretty quick. The only strange part is that you end up dropping more than half the stitches you knit. It came out beautifully and has a such a great drape and my sister loved it.

I didn't get a chance to take any good photos of the scarf before my sister left so I made her promise to take some pictures of it in Paris. In fact, being the younger sister that I am I bugged the crap out of her that I wanted to see the Scarf at the Louvre, the Scarf at the Arch de Triomphe etc... and oh, she could be in the pictures too if she wanted.

Well, she is in Paris at this very moment and with the wonders of modern technology I have learned that Scarfy is enjoying itself and my niece is planning to write a story detailing its adventures in Paris.

Phiaro Scarf2
Scarfy with a view of The Eiffel Tower

Phiaro Scarf3
Scarfy at The Louvre

Phiaro Scarf1
M & M & Scarfy


*Celeste said...

Michelle is consulting my fashion guide AND planning on writing a story? We must be related after all.

That last picture of the two of them is amazing!

Megan said...

Turned out beautifully. Yeah for trips to SoHo to shop for yarn and olive plates (and to stalk Pierce Brosnan).

Come back and visit again for MORE YARN!

Sara Kirby said...

Just beautiful. Both your sister and scarfy are lucky :)

lemonade sandwich said...

Just an FYI - the view of the Eiffel Tower is from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Lest you think that Scarfy was goofing off. I felt very chic and Parisian with my scarf!

donnac1968 said...

Very chic and perfect for Paris.