Monday, July 6, 2009

Everyone Gets The Clap Sooner or Later

Stop being so dirty you know I mean The Clapotis.

The amazingly popular pattern that is one of the most knit patterns out there. As I write this there are 11,847 projects on ravelry. I finally know why. I really enjoyed knitting it. East to memorize, with just enough detail to keep the miles of stockinette from getting too tedious. Plus, you get to drop stitches - on purpose!!
The only drawback was the yarn I used. Berroco Softwist is a wee bit splitty. I love the shine the rayon gives but it took a whole lot more concentration while knitting to keep it from splitting.

Now I am already thinking about knitting another...maybe some variegated sock yarn.

I asked my favorite model, to pose for the photos of the project. I may have to knit her a kid-sized version.




Sara Kirby said...


This looks great! Congrats on completing it. I'm working on one too, its taking me forever, since I keep putting it down and picking up quick-n-easy projects :).

Good Job!

twilight news said...

very nice to see that you have completed it.

Ariel said...

Very nice and mighty fetching on you, I'm sure!

Nell said...

Nicely done!