Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is this Another Chicken Joke?

Dear Yarn Stash,

I am sorry for being so bitchy this week. Really I don't hate you. I don't think you are ugly. I don't want to get new yarn to replace you (well....we won't talk about that) I was just having a hard time figuring out what to cast on next. I grabbed that nice skein of Silky Wool and really I tried to start that cowl but it just wasn't happening. So I scoured and scoured ravelry until I found something completely silly that made me smile. And I did use some of your lovely stash. So I think the knitting funk that I was in for a few days has passed. Thank you for putting up with me.


So what knocked me out of this short-lived funk, as I approached the first day of Spring with grey dreary days and temps that kept hovering in the 30s? A Spring Chicken!

Spring Chicken Close-Up

He is just adorable, I love him and he brings out the truly silly in me. As I knit him up I could not stop the chicken jokes. I finished his body, I nibbled on him and said "Mmmm...tastes just like chicken". Then I knit up his feet and played imaginary dim sum cart, "Chicken Feet? No thanks, are the pork buns coming around?" I knit up his tail feathers and of course he did a little dance shaking his tail feathers. There were quite a few crossings of the road or in this case the ottoman.

Yeah, there's a chance I may have lost it a little bit but don't worry I am not going to be that crazy lady totally surrounded by stuffed animals. Spring Chicken has an adventure planned for him so stay tuned.

To be continued.....


Wigs said...

FUNNY BLOG!!!pics is too cute....i adore your post.....

*Celeste said...

1. Sometimes I feel bad that most of my craft projects are making stuffed animals when I am twenty years old. So I'm really glad to know that no one in my family outgrows their love of stuffed animals.

2. I am both proud and sad to say that I have amounted a fairly sizable stash, and pretty much all of the projects I've wanted to do involve more than one skein of the same color. Do you have any good stash-busting projects?

hockey skates said...

When the story will be over. I wanna know the end of it.