Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May already?

So after I actually let people know that I had a blog I'd figured I'd be compelled to write more often to make up for the years (yikes!) of horrible correspondance with people (particularly college friends). Yeah, that didn't see to happen. So it's time for a quickie update to relieve my non-blogging guilt.

Last Sunday I went to see the play Confessions of A Mormon Boy in the South End with my friends Linda and Meg since we are intrigued (Linda may be obsessed) by all things Mormon after we read Under the Banner of Heaven in book club last year. The play was good and I love spending Sunday afternoons in the South End but it does make we wish for an extra million or two lying around to buy a brownstone there.

I've been running around like a mad woman trying to gather all my bits for this art workshop thingie, Art and Soul, that I am going to with my sister at the end of the week. I need four different types of glue, two of which I am convinced will be confiscated at the airport. I have been getting photos made into transparencies, calling my parents with odd requests for things from their treasure trove o' crap to be scanned and crashing my computer with my attempts to do too many things at once with the photo editor. I must chill.

I am sure I would have spent last night stressing myself silly about sorts of crazy things but luckily Meg's dad is in town for a conference and and they invited me out to dinner at the Beacon Street Tavern. Yum! I have to say, beet risotto - really good. Not to mention some kickass pan seared scallops encrusted with a horseradish-y sauce.

Well, I better go and do some work. Feel free to leave me comments (please, please) so I know that someone, anyone is reading my ramblings.

Oh and tomorrow is my office's Cinco de Maio lunch celebration (yes, on the 3rd) so I am sure I will have some crazy story to tell.

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lemonade sandwich said...

Hey, its Cinco de Quattro again already! Cool.